Tuesday, February 28, 2012

American Idol - Top Guys

I like how they pretended it was a shocker that we got another guy. I also like that I see Jennifer Lopez and think to myself, "Oh I totally saw her in person at Disneyland." And yes, she is that pretty in person. And according to my husband, yes, her booty is that big.

I'm just glad we're finally to the real competition. I won't vote yet. I always save that for at least the third or fourth week. But I am pulling for Phil and Colton. No secret there. Sooooo... this week the finalists chose any song they wanted. Could be interesting.

Reed Grimm - "Moves Like Jagger" - I kinda enjoy him. He's kind of weird. In a good way. All you have to do is look at my family to know I'm used to weirdness. I wasn't thrilled with the song choice, it was good though. Tangent: WOW Randy's shirt is obnoxious! Judges agreed his jazzy take was a good start to the night.

Adam Brock - "Think" - I had to laugh at him being told there's a large black woman trapped inside him. He definitely has some diva actions when he's singing. He's good. Good song choice for him. Hubby and I are both thinking that he may not get far though. I don't know if he's marketable to the audience that's left, even if he is good. The judges liked him though. A lot.

Deandre Brackensick - "Reasons" - This song is a bit older than him isn't it? I don't think I like it. Greenlee is putting her head further into the blanket she's sharing with me so I don't think she's impressed. :) I wanted to like him a lot more than I did. I wish he would have picked a different song. He's adorable though and I think he'll stay. The judges are enamored.

Colton Dixon - "Decode" - Let me get this out of the way... *sigh* I do lurve him. It didn't look like Jennifer was feeling it right now... oh well. He'll make it through strictly on cuteness for a bit if nothing else. The judges liked him plenty. So apparently I can't read faces...

Jeremy Rosado - "Gravity" - Love him. Love this song. Love love love it. Such a good choice for him. Goosebumps. Jennifer looks like she wants to cry and I am right there with her. YES. YES. YES. Favorite so far. Steven even called it "as beautiful as beautiful gets." Jennifer gushed. Randy decided to sound stupid even though he could have kept it simple and told the kid how great he was.

Aaron Marcellus - "Never Can Say Good-bye" - Me gusta. I don't love him. But I definitely like. Judges are in love. Standing o.

Chase Likens - "Storm Warning" - Don't know this song. He's totally comfortable with it. It fits him, that's for sure. It's good, but I don't know if it's outstanding. The judges liked him anyway. Tangent: he makes Ryan look so TINY! haha

Creighton Fraker - "True Colors" - Good choice for him. He's good. Especially when he really gets going. The judges enjoyed him, but I have a feeling he may be too "unique" for the majority of the voters.

Phil Phillips - "In The Air Tonight" - HE HAS ME WANTING TO VOTE STARTING NOW. I would easily compare him to Dave Matthews. Agh. No words. Only gushing over here. I would buy his album right now. Call me a fangirl. Jennifer gushed while he got that "aw shucks" look. Randy already got booed for not gushing. And he just compared him to Dave. LOVELOVELOVE. I really might have to vote on the first night for the first time ever.

Eben Franckewitz - "Set Fire to the Rain" - No. Brother-in-law just said it sounds like karaoke (he has now joined us). It's flat. Not exciting. I almost feel bad for the kid, because wasn't he better than this before we go to this point? The judges were too nice. He'll stick around because he has that flippy little Justin Beaver look.

Heejun Han  - "Angels" - Meh. He sounds good. I was more amused with his pre-song video. He makes me laugh with his awkwardness. I wanted to like him more. Jennifer nailed it when she said that the song didn't show off all his vocal skills.

Joshua Ledet - "You Pulled Me Through" - I hate when I don't really know the songs. In this case I don't need to know the song to know that he's killin' it. He just GOOD. I've enjoyed him and I continue to. If he doesn't stick around that'll just be wrong. Standing o from the judges. And they gushed. Because he was so good Jennifer wanted to punch him. She really said that. We all laughed.

*Mystery Surprise Comeback of Mystery*
Jermaine Jones. Not surprised. Kind of amusing watching him next to Ryan. So teeny tiny. I'd probably look like a cow next to Ryan.

So Jermaine sings... "Dance With My Father" - Good. Not exciting. It doesn't make me want to jump up and vote. Randy is praising how different and unique he is... but it might not grab the typical voters.

Okay... so we're losing SIX guys this week. And I cannot even begin to predict. So instead, let's just post the seven that I want to stay the most.
  1. Phillip - DUH
  2. Jeremy - kid gave me goosebumps
  3. Colton
  4. Reed
  5. Deandre
  6. Joshua
  7. Aaron
It was tough to pick. Seriously. As long as Phillip and Jeremy make it I can survive. Tomorrow night is girls. If I can convince the laptop to keep working I'll keep up the blogging.

Vote for Phillip! 5709 Gotta get on that...

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