Saturday, January 7, 2012


Let me get the fluff out of the way before the heavy stuff.

I only have five days left of the last soap opera that I watch. Five days before they take it away from me. I cried watching yesterday's episode. They're pulling out all the stops and it's so bittersweet. The show hasn't been this good in a long time, but it's good because they're time is dwindling.

It's also bittersweet watching it because hubby's cousin, Allison, used to watch it. She passed away yesterday morning. She was younger than me. She's been battling cancer and was in the hospital for most of the last month I believe. We went to see her Wednesday night. She didn't open her eyes, but when I talked to her you could see them moving behind her eyelids.

The family is not okay. As you might imagine. Knowing it might be coming never makes it easier. So I use this random Saturday post (y'all know I'm never here Saturdays) to ask for prayer. For her family. This is the tightest-knit group of cousins I've ever seen. The girls are particularly close. For her kids. The oldest is still in elementary school. My heart just breaks for those kids. And her mom. She had to bury her husband when Allie was little. Now a daughter. Everyone needs a lot of strength right now.

As an aside: I want to do something for her kids. I don't know if I want to do a scrapbook, or what. Anyone have ideas? Have you ever received something that meant a lot to you after losing a loved one?

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