Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Things

5 Things About... Whatever
  1. I can't wait to decorate for Valentine's Day. Yes, I decorate for Valentine's Day. I might do it this weekend.
  2. I'm making a huge leap... wedding cupcakes and small cake in March. YES. Not technically my first wedding, but this one will be big.
  3. Hubby and I are (likely) starting Weight Watchers soon. It worked for a couple of my in-laws so I feel good knowing people who liked it.
  4. My coffee and creamer I need every morning are zero points on Weight Watchers. :)
  5. I want to have a dance party. With music from back in the day. And fun lighting. And craziness.
I could keep going, but it IS called five things. Looking at a week that's filling up with stuff to do. Church tomorrow, and the chance to be involved in the planning stages of a pub crawl on Thursday... I'm excited and I think I'm going to do it. Because it will be OUTSTANDING.

Happy Tuesday.

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