Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Idol Continues...

Really hoping the computer holds out for this whole episode. The power cord is being a beast. UGH. So the show was the topic of conversation at work today. We're all going for Phillip Phillips already.

Heejun Han is weird. He was really hard to take seriously until he started singing. Was he faking the awkwardness? I'm not a fan of that if he is. Because now I'm impressed, but not liking his weirdness. Eric thinks his "story" will be that he started out as a nerd and make it far. I love having another person to analyze this with. Especially since hubs is taking his Jeopardy test right now. Oh, and Heejun is through.

Ugh, just realized we're watching live and can't fast forward tonight. *sigh* Let's hope for good commercials.

Reed Grimm is seriously singing the song from Family Matters? haha I don't even know how to respond except to laugh. What's funny is that he sounded really good. Jennifer said he was exciting to watch and they let him through.

Aaron Marcellus, Chase Likens and a bunch of random people that are good. Jumping in hallways and such. And Steven Tyler drumming on the table. :)

Umm... a girl brought her sister who just planks. Yup. Just planks. Samantha Novacek is the singing sister. She's alright, I'm not amazed though. The judges are putting her through. And just so we're straight - planking

Interjecting during the commercial break to say that I win at life with my homemade guacamole. It makes an excellent snack for Idol.

Creighton Fraker... um, he wrote his own song. And he scats. Jennifer just said it's like Jamiroquai and Justin Timberlake had a baby. I'm sure I just butchered the spelling of his name. He's fun, but he's not my favorite so far. The judges are sending him through to Hollywood.

And there's seriously another commercial already. Ugh. Fox, we're gonna have to have a talk...

Eben Frackewitz is a baby. And his mom seems the momager type. He's cute and he sounds good. The girls are going to fall all over themselves for him if he gets to the voting rounds. Jennifer can't get over his cuteness.

Travis Orlando is back!!!!!! I gushed over him last year! He seems better, but not as exciting as last year. Steven nailed it because he said he isn't showing passion. And he has a sob story that legitimately makes me sad. He dropped out of school which breaks my heart when I hear about kids doing that (maybe the teacher in me). Yeeeeee!!!! He's back again! I really hope he makes it to voting this year! I love him!

*clutching my heart* Steven Tyler was singing to the contestants. I would pass out right there. For reals.

Erika Van Pelt is a wedding singer. Which just sounds fun. Her voice is really deep and I like her. Steven loves her, he can't contain his smile and occasional pleased chuckle. She's obviously through. I'll root for her.

Shane Bruce is a coal miner. Hard core. He picked a bad song for me. The song isn't bad, but the fact that another love named Jason Castro sang it makes it hard for me to hear from others. He still sounds a'ight, but he's not amazing. The judges let him down easy.

SO TIRED of commercials. Checking Facebook for funsies and my coworker posted, "Still loving Phillip Phillips!" I have to agree. But Travis being back... *squee*

Hallie Day (yes, real name) has another "inspirational story." She's good too. Usually what happens with the last contestant we're shown. She's going through. I'm happy with that.

So we sent 38 to Hollywood tonight. I happen to love that number. It's kind of the number of my favorite closer. AND WE HAVE SUNDAY NIGHT IDOL! Oh my. Guess we'll meet again then.

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