Wednesday, January 18, 2012

American Idol!!!!

We're back. And to go really old school I fired up the old laptop. It's still alive! Last season was too hard blogging from my desktop. I had to take notes during the episode then type it all out... no.

P.S. My brother in law will probably be guest commenting. He and hubby will probably be hilarious tonight.

David Leathers Jr. is NOT seventeen. He reminds me of my nephew. Who is ten. (First Steven Tyler fabulousness just happened.) Okay so this kid is good. Jennifer asked him to sing some Michael Jackson which seems fitting. The judges of course send him through.

Gabrielle gave us a Steven Tyler medley of amazing face. (I'm so stoked for Steven Tyler to be back.) Anyway, Gabe Carrubba is good. She picked a song I'm partial to, so that kinda helps over here. :) She's through to Hollywood.

Medley of good people. And Steven Tyler's fabulous hat. If I was on my faster computer I would totes post a screencap of it. Because it is GLORIOUS.

Jessica Whitely is finally our first bad one. She's still not the worst this show has seen. SO MUCH SILENCE. Then Randy said awful. Wait, did she say she's auditioning in Texas too?? Oh. Yup. She did. And now Eric (brother) is comparing her to a seagull, complete with seagull noises. I'm in for a fun season. :)

Shaun Kraisman aspires to be Ryan Seacrest. Poor guy. But his voice is dead-on. He made Steven Tyler cackle. Singing... he's alright. But he was fun to watch.

Shannon Magrane made Steven Tyler do the pervert smile! It was hilarious, I had to rewind it so the boys could see. OHNO! Steven just used "hot, humid, and happening" to describe her... to her dad. I missed his antics so. Anyway, so this little girl can sing. She's through.

Ew. We just discovered Randy is a Dodgers fan. Hubby said a naughty word and informed me that he hates Randy more now.

Oh, more bad singers. And judge's disappointed faces.

And now a girl who lives in a tent. "Inspirational story" and all. Anyway, her name is Amy and she sounds good. Aaaand she proclaimed herself a hippie baby.


I'm very confused by Joshua Chavis. He's just... yeah. I had to let out a big laugh at him supposedly being compared to Chris Daughtry. Of course he sounds nothing like him. Jennifer just let him down like she was breaking up with him.

Stephanie Renae is one of those kids that was raised on this show. So she's all giggly and nervous. She's okay, but I don't know if she could be a winner. She's through (not unanimously).

So we have a sibling of an almost contestant last year (Colton, who I loved but didn't make it to the Top 12). The judges are going to make him sing. :) After Schyler Dixon (his sissy). I like her. It's really cute watching her brother watch her and the judges. And now it's his turn and I still like him. A lot. They want BOTH of them. So hope Colton goes far again. And sissy is piiiiissed. Kinda funny.

Sad faces. I don't like seeing people cry.

Lauren Mink made Steven smirk. She sounds good. The judges loved her. She's through to Hollywood. (Eric just did a goofy dance and said he likes the part after people go through when they play a song and "they dance around all happy.")

Mawuena is from Africa. And you can't understand him. Poor thing. I'm almost mad at the producers for finding it funny. Steven tried to be nice, but he's not going anywhere.

Ashley Altise makes me laugh. She's doing the "joy hop." And I kinda like her. So do the judges, she's through.

W.T. Thompson is not the smartest. He quit his job to audition. With a baby on the way. He's good, but he's not great. Still got through though. I hope he gets better, he's cute.

Oh Steven Tyler... all the ladies love you. Myself included. Oh and we have a crazy woman! I love the editing on this show sometimes. SHE JUST GRABBED HIS ARSE! Whoa...

Stalker's name is Erica Nowak. And she's not good. Now she's grabbing on Randy. Nutso.

Brittany Kerr is an NBA "dancer." Yeah I used quotation marks. What of it? She's good. Steven did a little mini-singing and I squealed. The men put her through. Because she adjusted her boobs gratuitously...

Phillip Phillips (yes, his real name)... oh his dad's name is Phillip too! He's a boy with a guitar and I love me a boy with a guitar. He's cute! I love his drawl and his mama hittin' on Ryan Seacrest. YES. And yes. And more yes. I love him. OHMYGODHE'SADORABLEILOVEHIM. He is doing Thriller as an acoustic song?!? I'm in lurve. And Eric is laughing at me. Because I turned into a teenage girl right now.

Okay, good first episode. Now off to do some work for tomorrow. And freak out over Phillip Phillips. WHO I LOVE.

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