Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 Things

It's almost February. I have things to be excited about...
  1. Valentine's Day! Not like we celebrate it big or anything (we'll probably stay home and watch Glee), but I love it. All the pink and red, the candy, the class party...
  2. I have a random week off! Instead of two Mondays this month, our school takes an entire week. Hubby and I are looking at Disneyland.
  3. The Walking Dead is back!!! We're debating whether we will continue joining the bar group or if we'll have our own viewing parties at our house. That depends on whether or not we get a new TV in time.
  4. Tax return! That we won't do anything with because we want to save for a house!
  5. We'll be that much closer to spring. And flip flops. Oh how I miss flip flops.
Then as soon as spring gets here I'll piss and moan about summer. Can't win with me. Happy Tuesday!

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