Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5 Things

I'm full of crazy random shtuff this week. So there ya go. Don't expect many coherent thoughts from me.

5 Things I'm Loving
  1. Date night with husband. Tuesdays. Eureka Burger. Steal the glass. Not actually stealing it, you get to keep it when you order the beer of the night.
  2. Random dates with husband. Like the movies last night.
  3. Movies. Specifically "The Grey" last night. WHOA. Intense, brutal, and depressing. But amazing. It's apparently based off a short story so I shall be finding it.
  4. Winter camp! I leave right after school on Friday.
  5. Having the income to do stuff. Like buy our new television. :) It's pretty exciting.
Sooo... hoping for great things this week? There's some possibilities floating around, but nothing definite. 

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