Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Um, YES (or I Can Die Happy)

So y'all know I watch soaps. Have watched soaps going on... what, thirteen years? Maybe only twelve. Have been faithful to All My Children and One Life to Live. Then they went and cancelled my soaps on me and I spit fire in ABC's general direction. Bad thoughts, angry words... you got it.

Well, none of my closest friends watch soaps. I'm all alone in my loss.

Or I was.

A parent of one of my students is a HUGE fan so we've been suffering together and angsting about how they'd better end it the right way OR ELSE. In the middle of one of our gushing/dreaming/venting convos I mentioned how the only way I will be happy is if they bring back Leo (*sigh*). Josh Duhamel (a.k.a. boyfriend) played him about ten years ago. He "died" (you know soaps) right around the time hubby and I met. There were tears involved (from me) and I have missed him ridiculously ever since. When I mentioned his name to Tina, she gasped and said, "You just gave me chills! Yes!!"

We can die happy with the ending to our soap opera. Oh Leo... I've missed you.

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