Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Did you know we actually have a drive-in left where I live? An actual drive-in movie theater. Well, not in MY city, but just twenty minutes up the freeway where hubby used to live. And you know what's sad?

Up until last night, hubby and I had never gone together.

I know, right? Well yesterday sissy texted me to see if we wanted to go with her and the kids. I told her as long as it wasn't an awful kid movie (let's face it, some of them can be pretty torturous) we'd go. We lucked out, it was X-Men: First Class and the newest Pirates of the Caribbean. Neither of which hubby and I have taken the time to see. And we were actually thinking of seeing X-Men on our date today! So we packed up the cars, the ice chest and the kiddos and spent a night at the movies.

BTW, if hubby and I ever play the lottery and WIN, we're totes opening a drive-thru in our city. We used to have one. Now it's a Costco and Home Depot. :/

So the movies were really good. LOVED X-Men. But I love James McAvoy. A lot. The story was good though. And the kids liked it. Well, what they saw. All four of them were asleep by the end. :) We stayed for Pirates anyway because all us adults wanted to see it. And that was fun too. Critics who gave it bad reviews must have been PMSing or something, because it was exactly what another Pirates movie should be. Johnny Depp will always be amazing as Captain Jack Sparrow.

But no post about my time with the kids would be complete without some cuteness from them, would it?

Tad fell in love with my purple hair. He said I look like a superhero.

At the movies, during X-Men, he happened to look up at the sky. Then I hear, "Tia Ashley look. The Big Dipper." That's my little astronomer. But it gets better. His little brother Anthony went to sit with him (he's four) and Tad starts pointing out the Big Dipper to HIM, trying to show him where it is and explaining that the stars can make pictures like connect-the-dots. That boy makes me melt.

Then we all got a good laugh out of Cole who, when we woke him up to get in the car, asked, "Is Pirates going to start??" No honey, you missed it. Maybe next time. :)

And there will be a next time later this summer.

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