Friday, June 3, 2011


SO much to do for school still. Stinkin' state and needing teachers to "clear their credentials." I went to school. I got my degree. My kids and parents liked what I did this year. I say enough with the classes!

Oh well. I spent a good chunk of my day working on school stuff. Hit up a couple thrift stores. No massive scores or anything. :/ I have some definite stuff in mind. Mama wants a makeup station in her bathroom and I know what I need to accomplish it!

Highlight of my day? My at home manicure.

Don't look too carefully, the lines aren't perfectly straight. But pretty darn good for at home. And super fun.

For the weekend: running in the mornings (rain or shine). Maybe some garage sales. More joyous credential stuff. Cupcake order for Sunday.

Hope your Friday was a good one!

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