Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

A quick one today because I still have to finish desserts for later!

Started the morning by heading downtown with mom and dad. Mom and I did a two-mile walk and dad did a six-mile run. SIX MILES! His time was under an hour. AND he's fifty years old.

Go dad.

Also have to send love to my grandpas. The local one who I'll get to see today as well as my grandpa Jim in Alabama. He's not out here this year (sads), but I'm workin' on getting him to visit us.

A happy FIRST Father's Day to my long-time friend Leon. Growing up we probably would have laughed if someone told us he would be a parent before me. But he's doing a fantastic job.

And all you other dads out there... keep setting a good example for your kids.  Enjoy your day.

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