Wednesday, February 23, 2011


No wish list today. By the time I actually sat down at my computer I was far too tired to start the process of making one.

Perhaps you would like to hear about my life?

I went roller skating. Yeah. Roller skating. And managed not to kill myself. Our PTF at school had a family skate night in the town hubby and I used to live in (and sissy and the kids still live in). So we all headed out to skate. Super fun. It was nice seeing my kids excited to see me. :)

Today hubby is FINALLY going to get the car! Unfortch this means I won't see him until I get back from church tonight. :(

Tomorrow... well, there shouldn't be anything going on. Picking up Arthur from the shop probably. Hopefully. And shelling out some serious money. :(

Soooo happy Wednesday friends. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a wish list up. I have a ton of things already favorited. :)

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