Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who Has Vacation?

I have vacation!

We have a whole week off for President's next week. Commence to celebrating. On the list...
  • hittin' up the range and doing some shootin'.
  • shopping with one of my sisters? Perhaps...
  • heading up north to see cousin's band? Perhaps...
  • I really think I might finally throw that wine-tasting party.
  • craftiiiing a.k.a. my favorite thing ever!
  • reading, I have a lot of books to read at the moment.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings!!! We got one in town and haven't been yet, we'll fix that.
That list could totally change, and probably will. We might have to take Arthur (my Civic) to the shop. Boooooo. Let's all start praying now that we don't have to. That could get expensive. :/

Any suggestions for me next week? Anyone want to join me on any adventures?

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