Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Wish List

We bought Greenlee her ID tag yesterday. It's little. And pink. But it's not special. So I took to Etsy and ended up finding some fun dog stuff. :)

If you're not one of those people who likes to spoil your dog you may want to skip this. I however, am the type of person who is going to make cute things for mine.

Okay so there's an actual Etsy store that sells elk antlers for dogs to chew on. I think hubby liked this idea. ACTUAL antlers. (via WildandWooleyTreats)

It's bling. Get it?? I think Greenlee might need some. And then Sookie when we get her this summer (did I mention we're going to get a beagle and name her Sookie? Now I did.) (via emikoshop)
Sparkly. Collars. I love glitter. I'll take every color. (via restowe)

Aaaaand the girliest ID tag EVER! I honestly might order this one. It's far too cute to pass up. (via veryvintage)

I'm not going to buy this, but a leash hook is a good idea when you have more than one dog. So I'll be making some. I've already got the cute version in my head. (via tannerglass)

Okay, these aren't cute, but they're NOISELESS ID tags. NO jingling! I like this idea very much. They'll be getting some for hunting season. (via craftytagz)

The girls will need this collar. I mean, their mommy IS an amateur baker. (via Zuzutopia)

And ohhhh this. Hoodies. On dogs. Slightly ridiculous, but it doesn't make me love it any less. (via PetitDogApparel)

So now that you possibly find me and my willingness to spoil my dog ridiculous... have a happy Wednesday.

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