Thursday, February 17, 2011


Okay, so it's a bit early to be posting a picture of beer, but I didn't just drink it. Hubby drank this one. Not right now, with dinner one night.

You may notice that it's a double chocolate stout. Sam Adams makes a chocolate beer that I LOVE so hubby saw this and decided he needed to try it. I decided that he needs to save me a bottle for...

... cupcakes.

Yes, cupcakes. People have been putting Guiness into cupcakes for awhile now and I knew a chocolate stout would be amazing. So that's the project for this weekend (I think). Here's one recipe I've found so far. Now I just need to bust out my old laptop to retrieve bookmarks because I'm thinking that the vanilla bean cream cheese frosting I made for my mom's birthday would be AWESOME on these things.

Sorry if I just made you crave a cupcake. *cough*Heather*cough*

Happy Thursday.


Just found this recipe in which she uses the same beer I happen to have. It appears this will be the winner.

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