Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Here!

It's Christmas Eve! Presents are wrapped and cookies are almost done. As I sat on the couch with hubby this morning looking at the gifts under our tree I couldn't help but feel extremely blessed this year. We had a few instances of "conveniently timed money." And we were able to do a lot because of it. I know it wasn't random, and I'm thankful to God for blessing us in such ways as well as countless other ways this year and particularly this season.

I didn't really prep a special post, so I thought I'd share our Christmas card with you. Well, one side of it. Actually, one side of one of them. (Yes, we had two different ones. And they were both two-sided.)

Gotta love when your scanner goes out and you have to take a crappy webcam photo. All credit goes to the super awesome Mariano Friginal, our wedding photographer. Pics were taken in... August I think? When Sookie was a lot smaller and Greenlee was fresh from a haircut. :) I love my babies. 

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas.

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