Monday, December 26, 2011

"A gentleman caller, oh happy day mama!"

I love that movie. If you don't know the quote, it's from Easy A. Amazing movie. You must watch it. In fact, I just got it for Christmas. Come over and have a beer with me while we bask in its fantasticalness.

Oh wait, you can't come over. Because I'm going to Vegas for a few days. So no manicure post today (let's face it, was I really going to have time to do my nails ON Christmas?), but I'll have one for you when I come back.

In the meantime, I have three days of picture posts. So you can peek at my Christmas. Think lucky thoughts for me, not that I plan on gambling a bunch. But maybe a little bit.

I leave you with my tree skirt. Very Nightmare-ish. I hand-painted it. Want proof?

I enjoy painting. It's kinda relaxing. And I love my tree skirt.


Ashley said...

what type of paint did you use? I assume its fabric paint, but did you use the tulip brand or some other type?

Typhoid Ashley said...

Actually it was plain old craft paint. I believe Craft Smart from Micheal's. Sorry I took so long to respond!