Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Photo

UGH. Talk about a crazy week. I wanted to throw in the towel a few times. Okay, more than a few. A lot. Things changed from one minute to the next...

Monday it was flippin' cold. 27 degrees when I got to work. I live in CALIFORNIA. I was not ready for this. Then we figure out that for some (still unknown) reason, our bells aren't working at school. Not a HUGE deal, but an inconvenience for sure.

Tuesday was another cold one - 26. Awesome. Still no bells. Feeling massively overwhelmed in general and want to hibernate until Christmas. So to relax we hit up our favorite bar for some pizza and beer. And while there I made the horrific discovery that the Giants traded away mi novio, Andres Torres (yes, that's how we refer to him around here). There was wailing on the part of myself and our bartender (who I love which is why I visit her so often). And general anger when we got home. Still feeling bitter.

Wednesday wasn't awful to start. STILL no bells, still no clue why, but we've gotten used to it now. Struggling to keep a few students focused because I think their poor brains are on break a week early. They've checked out. On the plus side, practices for our Christmas program are going REALLY WELL. I'm feeling kind of like director of the year. AND AND AND AND... I totes got mistaken for a high school student at church. Normally I'd be offended or something, but the week before I'm going to turn 30??? I'LL TAKE IT!

Thursday was 25 DEGREES when I got to work. Ew. And ew some more. Plus no interwebz at work this morning. Not a huge deal, but I have parents that email me. Then at lunch we got our network back! Yay! And within minutes I had read that the Giants didn't resign Cody Ross. Super sads. Like, ridonk sads.

I'm honestly not sure I want to know what's in store for me today. Plus side: hubs is off work earlier than normal so we'll actually get to spend time together - beyond abnormal for a Friday.

And since it's a Friday photo, and since I'm missing my Cody already...

Oh Cody, you will ALWAYS rock my black and orange socks.

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