Thursday, May 26, 2011

Um... WOW

Hey I'm here! And awake! Getting out of bed was SO hard this morning. I slept almost the whole way home, but we didn't even get out of the parking lot until midnight...


If you were reading my tweets last night you got some idea of how the game went. Let's just have a quick rundown, because I only have about eleven minutes before I need to be on yard duty...

Worked half day. Went home. Changed and packed up. Shared Tad's message with hubby and brother-in-law. (Manlet called and left me a message before he went to school this morning not to forget his jersey. He even reminded me where it was. Excited little boy much?) Got on the road. Got the boys. Headed out.

Uneventful drive unless you count the fact that we were closely watching the clouds. There was a slight chance of rain, but it was supposed to clear out before game time. Those clouds on our way were uuuuugly. We finally rolled into San Francisco and parked and changed. It was cool, but not raining. Yay! In fact the sun was even mostly out. We dawdled on our way from the car to the park, taking pics and such. Once we got there we had to wait so we walked around some more. Finally the gates opened and after a quick bathroom trip (Tad's eyeballs were floatin' he had to go so bad) we headed toward our seats.

Hubby did good. We hung out at the bottom for awhile watching the players practice. I took plenty of pics of Brian Wilson (a.k.a. Hubby's twinner). He was just amusing to watch. His personality even comes out in practice. Then we hung out until game time. Got something to eat. Watched the place pretty much fill up.

And holycowohmygoodness WHAT a game.

But you guys will have to hear that part later, because my time is about up and I need to go finish my Rockstar (a.k.a. salvation when your game goes into extra innings) and get ready for yard duty.

I'll check back later...

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