Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh Hello There

Remember me? I'm that super busy school teacher that likes to come here and chat sometimes.

Well, things aren't less busy. Yet. But the time where I can resume regular posts is very close. 12 days of school left. Of course there's a field trip, open house, planting day, and water day in there. But it's all coming together!

I've crossed a couple things off my list on the side over there. My parents took me to IKEA yesterday!!! We were in SoCal for a family party and they surprised me by planning the stop ahead of time. Ummm... can I just live there now? For realsies. It was amazing. Hubby and I are going back this summer. We desperately need a new couch. And I think I found my perfect living room curtains finally. I also crossed off sewing something that I'm proud of. I sewed a shirt from scratch and wore it to work. No pics yet, but I'll do that eventually. I've also refashioned a few things and have lots more sewing planned.

So that's me. Our weekend was fun, even though I had to go without hubby. :( I got to see some of my cousins from Mexico though! And started making some summer plans with some other cousins. And possibly made spring break plans for next year already.


So I'm off to start another week. Probably with some coffee. I definitely need some coffee.

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