Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh Hai

Um, so I'm still alive. In case you were wondering. Just insanely busy. Church Wednesday, open house Thursday, and baseball last night...

Okay, baseball was only at home, but interleague is an important time to us. Obvs. And I'm totes not bitter that his team won. Because I'm cheering hard for my boys to have their turn today.

Craziness doesn't stop here though. I have seven days of school left. I will not be home much this weekend. We're starting the morning by taking Tad to tee ball (Hubby has the weekend off so he gets to go). Then off to an uncle's house for a massive BBQ. Then tomorrow we're adding to our little familia over here.

Yup, we found another pup. Well, we didn't find her, but we found the one we wanted to buy.

So someday I'll return to you and amuse you. And seeing as how Idol is the finale this week, I'll definitely blog it. I'll MAKE the time.

Alright, off to get ready for the manlet's game. See ya when I see ya!

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