Wednesday, May 11, 2011

American Idol - Top 4

This will be a quick one. I want to get to bed.

So let's get two things out of the way:
  1. Lady Gaga is a freak. FREAK. She's not original, she's an attention whore.
  2. Randy needs to shut up with this "in it to win it" stuff. If I have to hear him say that again, I might scream. Oh... wait... I kinda did that at the TV tonight already.
Alright, James picked "Don't Stop Believin'" and totes disappointed. The judges liked him for some reason. Hubby and I did not. His second song was "Love Potion #9." Better. But still not as good as I think he has been before. Is it me, or is his shouting more frequent than his singing?

Haley picked "The Earth Song." Ummm... what? Really, I went back on the DVR to make sure I heard her right. So hippie song it is. I didn't like it. I liked her voice just fine, but the song choice was just plain disappointing. It was pretty funny watching her get annoyed with Randy while he sat and said he didn't like it. Her second song was "I Who Have Nothing." Good choice. MUCH better than her first song.  I love her. And I loved her dress... or what there was of it.

Scotty started with "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning." It's funny to me because he sang the song like someone who can totally remember everything about that day... even though he was about 7 when 9/11 happened? I lurve him. And I lurve him more after he sang "Young Blood." Because he was just fun. And adorable. And I would be okay with him winning it all.

Lauren picked "Anyway" for her first song. She sounded good. But I didn't see anything new from her. Just consistent Lauren. Then her second song was "Trouble." She was much better on that one. Well, kinda. I thought she started off SUPER strong, but the end just wasn't as good. Overall she was enjoyable.

Who do I want to stay? All I care is that Scotty and Haley make it through. The third can be whoever and there will be no shouting at the TV over it. That said, I think the bottom two might be the girls. Just an inkling I have. We shall see.

Typhoid. Out.

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