Monday, May 2, 2011


That's my poor little blog. Things are going to get hectic around here. For about the next month. Let's see...
  • birthday dinner for my baby this week
  • ball game for my nephews then a birthday party on Saturday, oh and cousin's prom
  • Mother's Day Sunday (yay for brunch and mimosas!)
  • possible weekend trip to SoCal the next weekend?
  • lots of birthdays scattered throughout the month
  • definite weekend out of town, likely a family barbecue
  • another birthday party
  • a baseball game? Quite possibly.
  • open house, field trip, last day of school
I will probably be scarce around here. Consider that your warning. I'm so ready for summer. Crafting, drinking, shooting, playing some pool, camping, and family time. Bring it.

21 work days.

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