Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Photo

It's Friiiiday. *happy dance* And I have another picture for you. Can you tell I'm finally balancing the teaching/regular life thing?

I decided to share a picture from our last trip to the range. Because I kinda like it...

Okay, I don't look super skinny or anything and I'm still willing to post it. Mom thought I was posing, I was really just reaching into my back pocket for a full magazine. But I like it because I kinda remind myself of Michelle Rodriguez. A couple friends say so too. Pardon the potty mouth, but I think I look pretty bad-a**. haha

Speaking of shooting, I ordered my new computer. Know what that means? The horrible beast that is my laptop will soon meet it's demise at the range.

Muah ha ha haaaaaa!

Yeah I could probably get a couple bucks for it or whatever. But I think taking the shotgun to it would be more therapeutic. If you care to join me let me know.

Happy Friday!!

1 comment:

MalContent said...

You DO look badass (I think if they can say it on TV, it doesn't really count as potty-mouth anymore).

Also I know it's inappropriate to say so, but you don't look at all bad weight-wise. Downright hot, in fact. So don't sell yourself short.