Wednesday, May 9, 2012

American Idol - Top 4

We're already in the top 4. So glad too, because by this point I usually don't want to put in the effort of watching the whole episode. haha

So Skylar's gone. There's that. I'm happy, obviously. I also can't wait to see Phillip tonight because my friend was already texting me mid-swoon. Sweet.

Idols get more than one song again. Apparently the first theme is "California Dreamin'." Whatever THAT means... oh songs about California. Or artist from here. Then they're doing the song they wish they wrote.

Phillip is first. Thank you for not making me wait. :) He picked CCR... good choice. No guitar? Oh well, at this point he still makes me sqeal. And like I said, smart song choice for him. I love him. I care not what the judges say so let's move on...

So Randy had his wardrobe department make a jacket from a picnic blanket... that's special.

Hollie is up. And singing Journey... yeeeee! She chose "Faithfully." The wind machine that they constantly give her makes me laugh. I liked it, but not as much as I wanted to. She still did a damn good job. I think I just wanted her to blow it up.

Now is Joshua. He picked Josh Groban... slightly predictable. But oh well. Husband commented that he always looks like singing hurts. I love having people to watch with me. He sounds good of course, but again I'm distracted and slightly put off by the fact that he has an entire production for his performance. The producers aren't even hiding that they want him to win at this point. Over it.

Jessica is finishing the first round. She picked Etta James. Without even hearing I'm gonna throw this out there... she needs to be younger. Younger choices could be good for her. She sounded good of course. But everyone expected that.

Duet time... "This Love" by Phillip and Joshua. Can I have a version with just Phillip? And maybe we'll recreate the video? *wink wink* I don't enjoy them together. Wish I could. But I don't. I love Phillip and all the screams that start when he sings.

Hollie and Jessica are singing "Eternal Flame." Funny to me because do they even know who The Bangles are??? I grew up on this. They sound good together though so I'm liking them more. I also have to say I think Hollie sounds better on this one.

Group performance singing Foreigner. Meh. Phillip was my highlight of course. :)

Round two... start!

Phillip... *swoooon* Singing "Volcano" by Damien Rice. No clue. But he has his guitar again. :) Oh wow. I can't breathe or function right now. Wow. Just wow. Holy... oh... I think I have a new favorite song. Period.

Hollie picked Bonnie Raitt. One of my favorite songs. I'm excited. Aaaaand yes. I love it. If I weren't voting for Phillip I'd vote for her.

Joshua's turn. He's singing "It's a Man's Man's Man's World." Good choice. It fits his voice. this is actually the first time I've enjoyed him in awhile.

Jessica finishes it up for the night. She picked "And I Am Telling You." Good choice. Feels predictable. And still leaves me wanting her to be young.

So my bottom two (because that's what I'm picking)...
1. Joshua
2. Hollie

I don't want Hollie to go so I'm definitely hoping that Joshua goes home. We shall see.

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