Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5 Things

Yesterday WIPED me out. Don't you hate it when Monday does that? So you don't get much creativity today. Tomorrow either. Because we're going to our last baseball game of the season tonight.


5 Things About Nothing in Particular
  1. I already miss baseball. Two games left for the Giants. And I care about absolutely no one in playoffs. *sigh*
  2. This week is the book fair at school. I already bought two books. There's a good chance I will purchase more.
  3. I'm itching to work on home projects. I painted a little last night. I want to do more though.
  4. I miss my Tad. This is what happens when I get him for a weekend. I'm spoiled.
  5. Our neighbors have started putting out Halloween decorations. It's time... 
Alright, see you guys Thursday. Unless something amazing happens that must be blogged about tomorrow. I don't see myself being awake enough to do that though. :)

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