Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5 Things

So... the tattoo Sunday night was my first tattoo. I was pretty nervous. But it truly wasn't awful. I'm still willing to do it again after all. :) So in honor of that, I give you today's list...

5 Things I Was Thinking While Being Tattooed
  1. Ow. Okay not too bad... ow... okay not bad again... owwwww.
  2. Maybe I shouldn't have picked my hip. It's getting sensitiveee... owwwww.
  3. Poor Kayla. I hope I'm not hurting her hand when I squeeze it.
  4. Hopefully my shoulder won't hurt this bad.
  5. Do I want to see? Or do I not want to see? I think I'm glad I can't see. But I wish I could see where she's at because owwwwww.
 I do think the particular spot was sensitive. The next one (or at least maybe the next one) is near my shoulder blade. I've got plans for others later. I guess I learn to suck it up for the pain.

Happy Tuesday.

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