Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wake Me Up

Well if you know me you know I take my baseball very seriously. Ridiculously so. And if you follow the game as well you know that this week was important- trade deadline.
Now I hate this week in baseball. The rumors and speculation and eventual arguments that pop up online make me ill.

But yesterday...

Yesterday was terrible. You have to remember my love for Brian Wilson. I mean I loved what he did as a player but the man topped my list too.

Yesterday he signed with the worst team he could have gone to. The one place that hurt not just me, but most Giants fans deeper than we could have imagined.

He went to the Dodgers.

I read this in the car. I gasped. Covered my face. Dropped my phone. Scared husband. As soon as I had to say the words out loud to him I thought I would be sick. Physically ill.

People will say that's dramatic. Fine. But you obviously don't have my passion if you're going to pass judgment that quickly.

I'm crushed. All my dearest friends got it. We exaggerated our sympathies trying to get laughs. But at this point I'm mostly done. It's stupid but it's like a breakup. I'm finding shirts with his name. I'm finding pictures.

I think it's bonfire time.

And if you judge... well I'm sorry you don't care as deep as my friends and I. But I like to think that's what makes us such great friends. And fans.

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