Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekly Manicure

So I have to laugh at myself. Here's the process I went through this week...
  • Sunday: apply what I thought would be the base coat. Change my mind when I think about what I want to wear to a party this week.
  • Monday: remove basecoat. But several new polishes. Use none. Settle on some to use. Do my nails. Hate the tape-stripe method I found so I remove the tape. Add a stripe. Add glitter. Hate it. Remove everything except the ring finger at 11:00 PM or so. Start again, watching True Blood to keep me company. Finally finish and go to bed.

    I wanted blue and red because I have a grad party Saturday and I got a cute new dress for it. :) I'm in LOVE with the super pale blue which actually came from Forever 21. It went on really nice. I have another dealer for polish now...
    While doing them I also realized I have the next three weeks planned out already because of various things going on. If I'm brave maybe there will be some mid-week polish changes for funsies.
     BTW, the ring finger and the thumb are my faves... they look like Dorothy's sparkly shoes. :)

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